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PostHeaderIcon The Newest SEO Craze: Social Media Marketing

Don’t get confused. Search Engine Optimization or SEO and Social Media Marketing are two different things. But they are now widely used together for a more effective technique of getting higher revenues for businesses that operate online.

How it Works

Social media marketing, with billions of users worldwide is undoubtedly one of the strongest pulls you could have to enjoy a steady stream of traffic, which translates to more sales and in the process, bigger revenues. That is as simple as it is. That’s why business owners are drawn to this medium.

socialmediaGet into social media and make your brand well known through word of mouth between people who know each other. The connection between the members or participants of social media is very crucial. It establishes a level of trustworthiness and credibility, which is very important for any brand building a name in this highly competitive market.

Now, why social media is being used in the SEO industry? That’s because social media impacts search engine listings dramatically. It gives any SEO effort an incredible push that could help you sing your way through the top.

The Benefits of a Social Media Campaign in Ranking High

There are many uses for social media marketing in making sure you rank high on Google and other search engines.

For one, social media sites, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular ones enjoy a high ranking themselves in search engines. You can use that to your advantage by developing your own page or giving a particular campaign a drum roll.

For another, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the rest deliver quality inbound links that are mostly natural. They are not solicited or bought. They are generated through participants who are truly interested on the brand. The new links that will be generated through your Facebook page, for example, would, among many other things, definitely improve your rankings in search engines.

Indeed, there are many benefits you can draw from getting into social media sites. But just like any other marketing tools, you can only use this to your advantage if you know how exactly. Of course, you would have to find your targets and learn how you could zero in on them. You also need to establish your business goals so you will have something to work around with. From those goals, you must develop your marketing plan – what kind of campaign you should make, how you will communicate your message, and how you will reach your target market. SEO and social media marketing require the same thing: the best and most appropriate tactic. Skillfully laying down your marketing campaign, no matter which platform you choose, is the key to success.

Louie Ramos is an Internet Marketing, SEO & Lead Generation Specialist. Contact him today for Social Media Marketing services

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PostHeaderIcon Qualities of a Reliable SEO Services Provider

The market today is filled with many professionals who claim to offer the best services in SEO. This has created a puzzle when people are searching for the best company to hire. However, the puzzle can be alleviated through the understanding of the main qualities of a dependable service provider.

The first thing that one has to look at from an SEO Company is the nature of their client focus and support. This is what determines their reputation. When a company gives less attention to the needs of a client, chances are that the services rendered will be frustrating. The customer service of a reputable company has to be superb and their focus must be second to none in able to always deliver the client’s expectations and most importantly the results they desire.

Second, one has to look at the variety of services rendered. Different companies concentrate on specific SEO packages. It is important to counter whether the services rendered meet personal needs. A company rendering a variety of realistic SEO services is the best to go with.

Lastly, it is very important to consider the number of years that the company has been operating and the knowledge & experience their staff have. This is what determines its competence in SEO services. Some of the new firms in the market are out to exploit the desperate and naïve clients. If unsure of the best companies to go with, the choice of the experienced one is advised.

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PostHeaderIcon SEO Predictions for year 2011

Last year we have seen a lot of changes in the SEO world, from the joining forces of Bing and Yahoo to the improvements that Google has done to its Search Engine. Some of the improvements they have implemented are; the new Google homepage look with more features in the left sidebar, the new Image search result interface, Google Instant and  the biggest news last year was Google Caffeine, the new and better way of displaying search results. Seriously when I first saw these changes I was overwhelmed with all the new features they brought on board, I thought it will just confuse casual searchers but I got used to it after a couple of days and accepted the benefits of these changes to searchers and for SEO.

Now this year 2011 I expect that Google will make further improvements with SEO not within Google but within people’s websites, most of these improvements will be within their algorithm, things like how Google the search engine view certain websites and add new ranking signals. Here are my predictions:

  1. Social Media will now become a major part of SEO, this will help Google in deciding how valuable and popular the website is. Social media features on the websites will show visitors activities and Google likes websites with high activities, because its a way of telling Google that its an active website and its useful
  2. I also see a big rollout of Google Products, this will make it easier for searchers to find the product that they are looking for in the price range they can afford, it also gives them a lot of options and information.
  3. Since Google has appointed one of its co-founder as their CEO, I expect him to make a lot of changes in the algorithm, add more ranking signals and make a lot of their automation process more efficient

These are just some of my predictions, I have been focusing a lot more on Google because they are the biggest search engine as we all know, how about you? Do you have any predictions? Feel free to share!

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PostHeaderIcon Article Submission is good for SEO

Submitting unique articles to high authority and high quality article directories are standard practice by SEO professionals when they perform link  building. This is an effective method in increasing a website’s search engine result rank if done correctly. But what is the correct way of doing this? What are the common mistakes of others? I will answer that for you

First, what are the common mistakes of others? Based on the majority of what I am seeing in different article directories, people submit one unique article to hundreds of different article directories and blogs, this is wrong. Remember, content is king and duplicate contents are not in Google’s favor. If this single article gets published even in just 20 of those article directories and blogs then it will have 20 instances on the web, it wont be a unique article anymore and any links within the article will be without a value.

What is the correct way of doing this? Simple, get your copywriters to write about 10-20 unique articles and submit them to 20-40 article directories only. This is a more effective way of using the potential of your unique articles and the high authority article directories you are submitting it to, Google will like it and values the links attached to it. Also dont forget after these articles gets approved, build strong and relevant backlinks to it to even add more value to your article and your links.

Here are some sample articles I have published:

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PostHeaderIcon SEO Money Back Guarantee? Avoid it

I have read a lot offers from different SEO freelancers that they can get a site ranked on Page 1 of Google or similar for competitive keywords and if they can’t get ranked they will give your “money back”. If you have seen something similar, think again, its nothing more than just a “sales pitch”. Let’s review..

1. If they are willing to give your money back, why not just pay for it when they get it ranked, its the same thing right?

2. A proper SEO requires a good budget to spend, if they really do proper SEO they have to spend.  They need to pay for copywriters, link builders, etc. And if they have not reached the goal, how can they give your money back if they have already spent most of it?

So, if you have seen some SEO freelancer or “professional” offering service with money back guarantee, that guarantee is just a “sales pitch” don’t bite… I would rather see a guarantee on the “Page 1” offer than the money back. And remember, a proper SEO is not free, you have to spend, you need to put a lot of time, work and resources to it.

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