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Last January 2010 I have set myself some SEO goals, that if I will be one of the Top SEO Professionals in Australia, I need to get this little blog of mine on the top of Google Australia for the following keywords:

So I’ve done a few tweaking and link building once in a while, I couldn’t do it full time because I have other priorities, I was working for Telstra BigPond making sure they are on the top spots on very popular keywords for their main portals like BigPond Broadband, BigPond Music, BigPond Shopping and BigPond Games. So anyway, after performing a little onsite SEO on my blog here and there, building high authority backlinks using those 3 keywords I have mentioned on top, it didn’t take long for my site to reach Page 1. Even better I have attained Top 1 ranking for “seo professional” keywords in Google Australia.

This year my goal is to keep my top 1 spot for “seo professional” and claim the top 1 spots for “seo consultant” and “seo experts” too. I will try to set a little time to post some helpful and useful SEO & SMO related articles here once in a while. As we may all know, Google like unique relevant content and activities on websites, the more unique relevant content I have in a regular basis will send a signal to Google that there are activities happening on my site and gain its favour.

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After a month of performing SEO for keywords “seo professional” and “seo consultant” I have now reached a new milestone in Google Australia. At present, I am ranked #2 for keywords “seo professional” in Google Australia, one more and I can claim the top spot. Now that is my ultimate goal for the next couple of months. Another keywords I have just climbed up on is  “seo consultant” . From out of nowhere in early May 2010, I am now at #10 in Page 1 of Google Australia.

How did I do it? Let me share something with you without revealing all.. I have used the power of “link popularity”. What is Link popularity?  It’s one of the major factor in the latest Google algorithm, it’s a way of spreading the word about your website to other websites using your main keywords, in my case “seo consultant” and “seo professional”.  When you increase your link popularity, you will climb up the rank ladder quickly, but you have to do it right, you have to do as per Google standards and policy. Dont SPAM, be relevant and be natural. Most of all be patient. This is also not applicable to all keywords, you must do an extensive research before using this method, because you might be battling against the big guns, sites with high link authorities.  Link Authority >>>> Link Popularity, remember that. If you are going up against these folks, it will take longer and it will take more than Link Popularity to outranked them. If you really need some professional advice and assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

I have also launched a new Check Google Rank SEO Tool called MySiteSERP, you can find that here: enjoy! :)

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SEO Professionals are becoming more and more in demand in the past couple of years, this is purely because of the growing number of companies, small businesses and sole traders doing their business online, but this also means that competitions are growing too because businesses knows that consumers feel more comfortable now buying stuff online than they have ever been before… Now where does SEO sits here? Anyone can make websites, almost everyone can setup their own blogs and online store in minutes to showcase and sell their products or services, but not everyone can perform an effective SEO strategy. This is why companies, small business and sole traders are investing and including SEO to their advertising budget.

SEO is actually more affordable than the traditional ways of advertising and promoting products or services in forms of flyers, brochures, newspaper ads, banners, radio and media ads and more. Consumers know what they want, and they want to get it really quick, where else would they go? Most consumers would go in one place and only one place..  guess which place? .. Google. That is why if a business website is ranked high on Google for their relevant popular keywords, it gets a lot of clicks and visits from potential customers, this will then lead to a lot of sale conversions.

This is why SEO Professionals are becoming so in demand in the past couple of years, businesses wants to reach top rankings in Google, their CEO wont have the time to do it, their staff wont have a clue how to do it, their web developers can only make an attempt with no assurances, thats why businesses want to do it right, this is why they are hiring SEO Professionals to do things right and to do things as quickly as possible to tackle their competitions.  I can safely say now that SEO is a career and on shortage, perhaps you can be one of us.

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