Guvera Limited Offers the Facility of Free Music Downloads

Offices of Guvera are located in New York, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles. Most people are not aware of the fact that is a free music search engine. The advertisers pay for The advertisers can avail the opportunity to use as many as three million best music tracks. Guvera Limited is operating since 2009-2010 and holds an association with Universal Music Group. AMMA is the main funding association of music company Guvera Limited. AMMA is primarily the private investment outside of Australia. This is certainly a great way to attract a majority of customers. Customers will gain exposure and would develop an inclination to engage with their services, products and brands too as well as download free music at will.

Prime Features

Some of the features of Guvera Limited are as follows:

  • Music Promotion and Online Sales of Product
  • Music Giveaways as an Education Incentive
  • Choose a Specific Brand Style as a Specific Personality Tool

Guvera Limited has a number of specialties including timely payment of artists, advertisers hardly disrupt. Individuals can also avail the facility of free music. The main specialty of Guvera Limited includes the facility of delivering free music tool for advertisers as well. With Guvera, one can always expect to discover music that one is trying to avoid.

Main Specialty

The other main forte of Guvera, is to try to transfigure music. Guvera offers free streaming music and free music downloads facility too. One desires to know as how it is possible to avail the facility of free music. Most people are also a bit confused to know how they cab provide music free. Free music downloads facility can be availed due to leveraging advertisers with consumer data. Many would like to dismiss the concept of leveraging advertisers with consumer data, yet another failed effort. Users can avail a complete list of corporate sponsored music channels when users search for music on Guvera. Such channels can be used by businesses for advertising brands, events and to build a popular playlist for attracting more customers.


One of the other main benefits of is the fact that this particular site does not provide any disruptive commercials on the website. Disruptive commercials are not available on the site until and unless the whole thing is viewed as a commercial. It is necessary for the users to provide a bit of personal information to earn credits as well.

The data involves personal information including gender, age, name and address. Advertisers and consumers are both in a win-win situation. Advertisers can avail the facility of loads of consumer data and consumers can avail the facility of free music too. To know more about the recently launched music videos one can always visit the site