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PostHeaderIcon Over Optimized Websites, Beware! Google’s New Penalty Is on Its Way

Google’s upcoming development will be a bad news for web owners with overly optimized contents. This is according to Matt Cutts’ announcement during the SXSW workshop on March 10 that was participated by Bing’s Senior Product Manager Duane Forrester, Cutts himself and Mr. Danny Sullivan, the EIC of Search Engine Land.

In the published audio during the South by Southwest (SXSW) workshop called, “Dear Google & Bing: Help Me Rank Better”, Matt Cutts, figuratively told that this change will target those people who exploit keywords on their page. As a way of playing fair over good quality pages that are not working hard on SEO, the penalty will affect the pages with poor contents but overstuffed. In short, when this new development begins, those that utilize too much link exchanges just to get to the top of the search engine’s result but uses poor quality contents on their sites will be affected – badly.

Mr. Cutts is the infamous Google’s software engineer and the current team leader of its web spam group. His statement clearly stated that they are working on penalizing the websites that are exploiting the use of search engine optimization. The new regulation will commence in the next few months or even sooner and will guarantee to shake the norm of SEO. This, according to Cutts will be the Google’s move in order to maintain justice among websites and web owners that have valuable contents over those sites that are just overly SEOed.

As the head of the team specializing on search engine optimization, Cutts has been making lots of videos dedicated to answer most of the people’s query about SEO. One good video that he made was on June 2009 when he answered a question about the use of no-follow from a man named Robert. In the video, Mr. Cutts said that the use of no-follow entails no penalty and it can be used whenever needed. On the query “Is over optimization bad?” on the other hand, he said that although there was no penalty for that practice during that time, over-SEO is not as good as most people think.

Since a website is designed so that people can browse through it in search of something, the webmaster or seo company can’t go overboard and stuff keyword after keywords because regular visitors will be annoyed in the long run. As a final tip, Mr. Cutts said that people hate to land on a site that has full of junks and as he said, over use of SEO can do that to your site. He insisted to be careful about using keywords so that your site will not look scummy or better yet be creative and at least paraphrase your contents.

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Over Optimized Websites, Beware! Google’s New Penalty Is on Its Way, 8.4 out of 10 based on 15 ratings

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