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Let’s say there are 2 teams competing in a game called Skipping Stones. The 2 teams need to get across a path of 20 marked floaters. Six of the 20 floaters are called “sinkers” and when they stepped on these sinkers, they will sink into the water. The player then has to go back to the starting line and start over. The mission of this game is to see which team can cross the floaters the fastest.

Let’s see how this game might look.. Both teams start out the same way without knowing which of these floaters are actually “sinkers”. The first player from Team A moves over so slowly on the first step, then to the second step and so on until he steps on the first sinker on floater #6, he then needed to start over knowing to avoid floater #6 next time around.  The second Team A player now crosses the first 5 floaters and carefully avoiding floater #6. They keep going with this cautious method until the next team player hits the next “sinkers” at floater #9. Then the next player starts knowing which 2 floaters to avoid.

It sound very simple and safe, but Team B have a different approach to this game. The first player RUNS across the floaters until stepping on the first sinker on floater #6. The next player RUNS past the first 5 floaters, skipped the 6th floater and continue to RUN until coming across floater #9. Then the next player RUNS across passing the first 5 floaters, skipped floater #6 and #9 until they hit the next “sinker” as soon as possible. Team B won the game.

The difference was that Team B knew they had to fail fast! They knew that they would stepped on those sinkers but if they learned from those mistakes fast enough, they will win the game. The message is clear, we live in a fast pace & very competitive world, learning from others’ successes as well as from their failures is an important element of success. This has also been my experience in this very competitive SEO industry as an SEO Professional.

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