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When choosing a SEO professional or web designer for your next project it is vital to the very success of your website that you do find the right company. Looking online is generally the first place any one would look and going there will reveal a multitude of web design companies looking pretty much the same.

The choices are limitless and as an astute business owner or some one looking to get their first website they should follow a few simple golden rules. Keeping these front of mind should make the decision process just that bit easier.

Remember, it is your business and you do not want to trust your website with just any company.

1.  Be aware that some web design studios are they themselves start ups. Ideally you should be looking at partnering with a firm that has some history and portfolio of work to back them up. An easy way to check this is to look at their portfolio online. Any web company worth its while will be proud to show you what they have done and be happy to go over their portfolio of work with you.

2. Check to see if they are willing to give you the names and numbers of people you can call. These are testimonials and they will be able to verify the experience they had with the web designers. If everyone says the same thing then you are more than likely on a winner.

3. Web companies should be able to offer you a search engine optimisation service. Getting your website ranked online is a super way to get new business and if your newly designed website ranks well then you will benefit from new business inquiries when people are searching for your product and or service. A good way to see if they know what they are talking about when it comes to SEO is to check their online ranking. Obviously if they are on the first page of Google then this is a very good sign moving forward.

4. Make sure that at the conclusion of the project you will retain ownership of all IP or intellectual property. There are some very possessive website designers out there who will be very reluctant to relinquish ownership of their artwork. They, in some occasions become a little testy when you try to get you artwork files and source codes. Make sure that this is brought up in the very beginning so there is absolutely no confusion later on once the site is launched.

These are just a few out of literally hundreds of web design tips you should be wary of when deciding on your new company to handle you web project.

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