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Ted Ives, who put up FindHow, shared some important tips on how you can make your press release enjoy maximum exposure by simply seeing to it that it is written, issued, and forced into the world wide of web right.

Jseo-press-releaseust to give you an idea, FindHow is a website of how-tos. When Ives launched it, he also released PRs along with it. In five months, the website enjoyed 18,000 links, which was greatly improved by the mentions of prominent media entities.

Now, Ives believed that he did no simple magic to achieve what he had. The good news is, he is willing to share the big tips that were followed for the public relations efforts. They are listed below, so read on.

Tip #1: Read “Positioning: The Battle of the Mind”. There were several mentions of this book by Ries & Trout in Ives’ account. That’s because he was able to pick a lot of good ideas about positioning yourself in a competitive market from it. Before we delve deeper into the other tips, you might want to use this as your guidebook. You may download it straight from Kindle.

Tip #2: Don’t make a solo flight to the spotlight. When we do public relations, the common practice is to talk about the service, product, or business that you have. You are promoting your own, after all. However, it is considered much more effective to talk about the category that what you have to offer is in and make it appear that a trend is going on and you are right there at the forefront.

Tip #3: Be the “first”. Sure, this highly competitive Internet market has it all. It is pretty difficult to position yourself as “first” when everyone else had a head start in the category you are competing in. However, if you look deeper, if you think harder, you will definitely find a way to position yourself as the “first”. FindHow, for example, is not the first search engine. If Ives and his team just followed normal course, it will serve as simply an alternative to Google and Yahoo and all the other search engines that came before it. However, Ives did something big to earn the “first” spot. Instead of simply offering a website directory, it appeared as a how-to directory where people can look for how-tos of everything.

Tip #4: Understand what a press release is. How can you write something properly when you are not aware of what it actually is or what it should be? Basically, a press release is a company’s write-up about something newsworthy related to the services or goods they offer. Prior to the Internet boom, PRs were distributed to news agencies and organizations. Now, however, the distribution is made even a lot easier. You can just send your write-up via email to online news agencies and organizations so it gets published as extensively as possible to reach a wider audience.

Tip #5: Choose the right news wire service. There are wire services where you can release your PR for a fee. The top ranks include PRNewswire, Marketwire, PRWeb, and Businesswire. The key in choosing which wire service to choose is to understand what it takes to help boost your efforts. News wire services do not make the same offers, as they also do not command the same rates. Make sure that you choose a service that will give fair value to what you have to spend.

Write and Release

Public relations efforts are all about writing a press release and propagating it in order to reach your target market. When you write a press release, keep in mind the important rules: be concise, be interesting, and be credible. Those are also the same rules you must follow if you want to make SEO work for your press release and for your company in general.


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