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PostHeaderIcon Google Update: A Web Designer Coming Soon!

google-webdesignerA development tool featuring HTML5, Google Web Designer, will be launched by Google in the near future. It is said to be of great use for “creative professionals.” It is expected that the Google will be launching this new feature in the coming months. The company also mentioned that this latest feature would allow creative professionals to produce engaging web content like sites and high-tech advertising and applications all for free.

This morning, Google shared the information about its new idea using a side note in one of its blog entries about its advertising platform, DoubleClick. To gather further information about Google Web Designer, we tried our best to approach and get more details from a spokesperson of Google. The spokesperson mentioned that Google Web Designer would be a separate product that will have creative designers and digital agencies as its target market.

In addition, Google Web Designer is said to be combined with other earlier tools of Google such as DoubleClick Studio and AdMob, though the description provided previously does not give people much to ponder upon. Undoubtedly, the company is trying to approach the ads market considered to be “native” which will absolutely give a bigger sense to the Web Designer’s connection to DoubleClick. On the other hand, it seems like Google Web Designer will have bigger capabilities and more features and will not only be useful in the field of advertising regardless of the fact that the company mentioned that this tool is going to focus mainly on creative advertising.

As of now, Google Sites is Google’s only tool for basic website creation which also lets you use pre-made templates. Google Sites has existed for years now but garnered minimal feedback and updates and barely made a noise in the industry. Probably, Web Designer will serve as a more advanced substitute for it. But to make things clearer, this new tool is not to function to be a website-building venue but it is not impossible for Google to use this tool’s features in its other applications, too.

It is, indeed, fascinating to witness how this new tool will compete with others such as Squarespace Weebly and Wix’s HTML5 website builder. The standard for native ad formats has gone up to the level of New York Time’s Snow Fall so Google really has to level up if it really aims to make it more convenient for marketers to produce these types of experiences.

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