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Google Panda Update

So what is Google Panda Update? Google Panda Update also known as “Google Farmer” is one of the newest algorithms in Google when it comes to identification of websites and ranking them. It aims to remove all the websites that have spam-like articles and contents like the ones which are stuffed with keywords.  So instead of the crowding of these somewhat useless websites on top ranks, you’ll see them crowding at the bottom of the line. It focuses more on quality and it enhances the user-experiences.

Much of the buzz has been pointed out to Panda Update especially to the website owners. This change has just been implemented this year (February 2011) and lots have benefited from it. However, it has been reported that over 40% of websites claimed that Google panda Update have brought their site down, specifically, ecommerce sites and online stores. Even popular sites like Mahalo and Buzzle have been affected and are now included on the bottom in Google page ranks.

This new change is meant to give benefits to the searchers like students, who need to have good sources of information. Google Panda Update aims to put the high quality websites based on several factors—unique and high quality content, which have no duplicate and are not copied, and articles that are more of personalized and talks directly to the readers.

How often do they roll Out the Panda Update?

Webmasters are a bit puzzled on how often the Google Panda Update is being rolled out, since it seems to be operated manually, so there are no definite time when they role this out— all we can figure out right now based on historical update data is, Google is manually rolling it out at least every month. First was in the UK (first Panda roll out), then next was the time it has been applied internationally, and now it’s the Google Panda Update Version 1.2/3.

Rest assured, webmasters have learned that this update isn’t rolled out daily. The manual checking of the websites are so much like a surprise like the GoogleBomb. As a tip of advice for webmasters, always make the best out of your contents and never ever copy from other websites.

Who are affected by this?

Google Panda Update affects the websites in either good or bad way. For SEO Professionals &  Webmasters which have websites that has a lot of useful information, quality and unique content which cannot be found on other sites, they have the highest probability to be included in the top page rankings. Most websites that has been affected by Panda Update in a bad way are mostly ecommerce sites. The reason behind is may be due to the presence of highly indexed text or phrases, and they’ve got numerous duplicate contents like reviews on other sites.

The changes in Google Search Engine algorithm is a big leap towards enhanced user-experiences. It eliminates frustration among the searchers when looking up for information, unlike before where people tend to click on sites which are filled with ads and useless information. Though it may affect other websites, it is a way for them to revamp their site and be creative in filling it with useful and unique content.

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