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Google Streaming Search’s official name is called Google Instant. When I first read and heard about it a couple of days ago, I said to myself, that sounds familiar and I remember some 4-5 years ago, Yahoo have developed the same concept of instant results while searching, but it never got into the mainstream; beta forever until its gone. I guess the technology or concept wasn’t ready yet back then and Yahoo knew it will not be fully embraced by internet users.

Now, 5 years on, Google has almost perfected the Instant search result concept and added a lot “benefits” to users according them. But from what I can see so far, all the benefits are pointing at Google, the main benefits are the various paid ads being displayed per Instant search result.

Looking from the end user side, it’s a bit annoying in the beginning. It supposed to “teach” users how to search properly but its actually more of a distraction because users will see different topics, keywords while they type and it can cause lost of focus.  There are a lot more feedback that I can give and it will take me a lot of time typing them all, so I guess I will leave it up to all of you, what are your experiences so far with Google Instant? Is it good, bad or you dont really care at all? Has it changed the way you search? Do you find what you are looking for in less time?

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