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disavow link toolGoogle has a newly launched tool called “disavow links” which was announced by Matt Cutts last October 16 during the PubCon, it will keep every SEO professional & companies very busy. The Google’s head mentioned that said tool is already up and running and that it’s officially set on Google’s blog site.

In addition, it is said that the disavow links tool had undergone Beta testing already by several chosen Search Engine Optimization experts. Although, a similar tool was first launched by Bing ahead of time this year.

According to Matt Cutts, using the disavow links tool comes with warning measures. Moreover, he has added that web publishers should first eliminate the links they suspect to be leading at them. He advised them to work first with website owners or to hosting companies whom they have bought their links.

The set-up or format would be to record all URLs or links in a text file whichever way you want it. You can do it individually or you could keep out all URLs from a certain website using domains. Nevertheless, both set-up and formats could also be combined in one particular file. Samples could be found on Google’s central blog site.

So, anytime you have set-up and formed your file, you can now navigate the tool from Google Webmaster Tools.  Just pick your website, undergo the cautions, choose the file and finally submit.

Cutts likewise stated that the procedure of disavow links will not take effect straight away as it may take several weeks. More so, Google made a reservation as to disallow the usage of “submit” tab whenever it finds valid grounds of bad faith.

Once your file is submitted, you will have the choice to download what you’ve submitted or an option to resubmit the file together with your alterations. Take note that there’s a file size limitation of 2 MB and that when you exceed this limitation file size, you would disavow and most likely create a new website.

Further, regarding the length of time of this procedure, it would also mean that it takes time to “reavow” if ever you commit an error. For this reason, you should be cautious about.

Now, the question is, how would you know if you need to “disavow”? You need it if you are one of those who were affected of the so called, “Google Penguin Update”.

After the Penguin update, several publishers and SEO professionals went anxious and thought they are doomed. They try to find ways on how to reduce bad links and simply start anew. Whereas the others were anxious that people may tip bad links on their websites with intent to damage them and accuse them of exercising “black hat” SEO or “negative” search engine optimization. Worse, there is a new business today where people are paid to eliminate links.

Furthermore, Google had been ignoring bad links for a long time. If not only of its negative effect to the website, the disavow links tool wouldn’t have created. However, considering these bad links as negative type, Google widely facilitated and created tools against the spread of negative search engine optimization with high beliefs to tranquil the situation eventually.

For a complete information of the tool, visit the official blog site of Google.

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