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Google has updated all its Datacenters yesterday rolling out Caffeine datasets results, until now these results are still strong and showing up! Is this a sign that Google has finally done it? Perhaps…

Normally, Google rolls out Caffeine datasets to 1 or 2 datacenters and it stays there for about 5 hours or so for testing purposes, this usually stirs excitement in the Webmaster community but that excitement turned into disappointment when Google pulled out those caffeine datasets results… I’ve learned from this lesson, I used to be one of the webmasters who celebrate but after seeing this over and over again in the past 3 months, I knew it was just a test and Google was just teasing us.

But yesterday, it was a completely different story, I could probably say this might be it, what almost every webmasters are waiting for. Google has rolled out caffeine datasets to all its datacenters and it hasn’t change in the last 24 hours, it is still changing slightly but in a caffeine way, they are slowly inserting caffeine results. As I have posted in one of the Webmaster forums, Google is rolling out caffeine slowly, I quoted:

Yep they are everywhere guys, but it is being rollout slowly.. For example

6 hours ago:
keyword #1: 7th place
keyword #2: 8th place
keyword #3: 96th place

3 hours ago:
keyword #1: 2nd place
keyword #2: 8th place
keyword #3: 96th place

1 hour ago:
keyword #1: 2nd place
keyword #2: 2nd place
keyword #3: 15th place

these are real result changes.. it doesnt happen all at once, its rolling out slowly from my observation

Whatever this is, it is looking pretty good, especially to those who have performed legit whitehat SEO to their own site and to their client’s websites. I will give it till the end of the week till I come up with my own official thoughts about this update, but so far so good, everything is pointing towards caffeine. I will keep you all posted. :)

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