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Google Pagerank shows a website’s importance to the web, it is measured by numeric values from 1 to 10; 10 being the most important. It works like a voting system, the more links you get from other websites, the more vote is cast to your site and the more important your site is. This is how Pagerank works; for example, has a Pagerank of 10, and have 9, these sites have high Pagerank because they are popular and old sites, many of the existing websites on the net are linking to these high authority websites. Compare that to a newly launched site with no backlinks from other sites at all, this new site will have a Pagerank of 0, but once it ages and get more backlinks from other sites, it’s Pagerank will increase eventually.

Now some people might ask, does Pagerank play a big role in Google SERP (ranking chart)? My answer is simple… maybe; it may, but not big of a significance. Getting a site ranked high on Google for certain keywords purely depends on quality, quantity and authority. Quality is measured by using unique relevant phrases, pages and articles to harbor your link. Quantity is the amount of backlinks you built over time and Authority is the type of sites on which you have strategically built your backlinks to. It doesn’t matter what their Pagerank is, as long as they are high quality and high authority sites. It’s very easy to manipulate Pagerank, I was able to make a 3 month old freshly created niche website to gain Pagerank 4 within a couple of months, but it doesn’t mean that site was high quality or high authority. It was only a new, normal, ordinary website. That is why do not depend solely on a site’s Pagerank as a basis of your link building strategy.  Focus on the factors I have mentioned, quality, quantity and authority.

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