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Content is King” is the most commonly used phrase by SEO Professionals and SEO Companies. This is what we always tell our clients when they are working on their websites; make sure your contents are high quality and unique. In able for your website to rank high on Google you need to focus first in your site’s content. Google feeds on unique quality contents and unique content gives your website a high score in the Google algorithm. Therefore it reflects to your SERP greatly in a very good way, meaning you will get high rankings for your niche and for your desired keywords.

Google gives a lot of importance to website contents; this is the main reason why people visit a website, to read something new and interesting information, not something that they have seen or read before. There are a lot of websites out there who are using or republishing contents from other website source, this degrades the quality of information on the web. Imagine if you searched for “electric toothbrush” (this is the first thing that came to my head while I am writing this post) and then you will see the first group of search results telling you the same thing over and over again, say for example all the website contents states “how an electric toothbrush work”, it just make your internet experience really boring and annoying.

That is why when you are starting a new website or working on your existing site, make sure you give high regards to your website’s content. Make sure your contents are unique and have really good high quality information. By doing this not only you will attract a lot of visitors/traffic but you will also attract the most important entity of the Internet; Google!

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