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PostHeaderIcon 21st Google Panda Update: Confirmed!

SEO watchers must look out. The 21st Google Panda update has just been confirmed released last November 6. This is Google’s way of standing up to the promised release schedule every four to six weeks since February 24, 2011.

This is bad news for websites that did not make any tweaks in their poor content. Those that have not been hit by the previous updates might just be on target and could be penalized for not improving what they offer in order to climb their way to Google top search results.

According to Google, the latest update could impact 0.4% of international queries. Since users mostly use English as the primary language for utilizing the search engine, the impact on the United States could be higher in percentage at about 1.1%.

Some Google Panda updates were announced and occurred before the public eye. Some, however, like the latest one, has been confirmed only after it was done. This should keep web developers and designers at their feet always. They should keep watch not just for the updates but also more importantly for the guidelines that will help maintain their site within the “safe” list.

As it is, Google is continuously tidying up. It’s a great reason for site owners to make the necessary adjustments as well. The best and only way to safeguard your site against being penalized is to keep it within the boundaries of the common guidelines on quality content and positive SEO. If you have not looked through your site, do it now. As mentioned earlier, if you have not been hit by the previous updates, including this latest one, you will have a slimmer chance to be safe on the next roll out.

If you can’t handle your SEO problems on your own, you better make an investment on a good Search company or SEO consultant that could do so, now! It will be a good investment considering that, if you choose an SEO company right, it could give you a lot of benefits in return. If you don’t act now, you might have to go through the agony of not just saying goodbye to potential earnings through your online business but also getting punished for poor site content.

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PostHeaderIcon Qualities of a Reliable SEO Services Provider

The market today is filled with many professionals who claim to offer the best services in SEO. This has created a puzzle when people are searching for the best company to hire. However, the puzzle can be alleviated through the understanding of the main qualities of a dependable service provider.

The first thing that one has to look at from an SEO Company is the nature of their client focus and support. This is what determines their reputation. When a company gives less attention to the needs of a client, chances are that the services rendered will be frustrating. The customer service of a reputable company has to be superb and their focus must be second to none in able to always deliver the client’s expectations and most importantly the results they desire.

Second, one has to look at the variety of services rendered. Different companies concentrate on specific SEO packages. It is important to counter whether the services rendered meet personal needs. A company rendering a variety of realistic SEO services is the best to go with.

Lastly, it is very important to consider the number of years that the company has been operating and the knowledge & experience their staff have. This is what determines its competence in SEO services. Some of the new firms in the market are out to exploit the desperate and naïve clients. If unsure of the best companies to go with, the choice of the experienced one is advised.

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PostHeaderIcon New Milestone Reached

After a month of performing SEO for keywords “seo professional” and “seo consultant” I have now reached a new milestone in Google Australia. At present, I am ranked #2 for keywords “seo professional” in Google Australia, one more and I can claim the top spot. Now that is my ultimate goal for the next couple of months. Another keywords I have just climbed up on is  “seo consultant” . From out of nowhere in early May 2010, I am now at #10 in Page 1 of Google Australia.

How did I do it? Let me share something with you without revealing all.. I have used the power of “link popularity”. What is Link popularity?  It’s one of the major factor in the latest Google algorithm, it’s a way of spreading the word about your website to other websites using your main keywords, in my case “seo consultant” and “seo professional”.  When you increase your link popularity, you will climb up the rank ladder quickly, but you have to do it right, you have to do as per Google standards and policy. Dont SPAM, be relevant and be natural. Most of all be patient. This is also not applicable to all keywords, you must do an extensive research before using this method, because you might be battling against the big guns, sites with high link authorities.  Link Authority >>>> Link Popularity, remember that. If you are going up against these folks, it will take longer and it will take more than Link Popularity to outranked them. If you really need some professional advice and assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

I have also launched a new Check Google Rank SEO Tool called MySiteSERP, you can find that here: enjoy! :)

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PostHeaderIcon Ranking my website for keywords “seo professional”

For the past week I have been working to rank my website in Google for keywords “seo professional” I have impemented a solid link building strategy to high authority sites that should boost my website’s SERP for keywords “seo professional“. Right now I just need to play the waiting game with Google, within about 2-5 days I should be ranked in the Top 30. That is from nowhere at all to the Top 30 of Google within just 2 weeks. Fingers crossed… When that happens, it will be the start of my Personal Portfolio. I have a portfolio of business clients but most of them prefer to have their confidentiality and not to disclose their URL and keywords.  Stay tuned and watch my SERP go up! :)

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PostHeaderIcon Choosing the right keywords to optimize

Before performing SEO to your site, you need to sit down and analyze which keywords will bring the most traffic with the most conversion to your site. This is a must, this is the reason why you are doing SEO in the first place, to get high quality traffic. In  order to get the most relevant and high traffic keywords you can use free tools such as the Google Adwords Keywords tool, or you can opt for the paid ones like WordTracker. Then choose a set of keywords that fits your site best with a decent search volume traffic. Once you have chosen your keywords, perform a Google search using these keywords and see how many competitions you have and how strong they are.  We will discuss in later posts how to analyze the strength of your competitions and what to do to outranked them.

Choosing the right keywords is one of the main key to a website’s success in terms of traffic and conversion. If you have a new website, I suggest you select the long tail keywords first (with less competition) then once you get your site ranked using those keywords, you can slowly target those highly competitive keywords. SEO is not an overnight thing, it requires a lot of patience but once you reached your goal everything pays off well. That is why you should come up with a perfect plan in the beginning and choose the right keywords for your website.

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