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PostHeaderIcon 6 Recommendations every SEO has to make before the Penalty of Over-Optimization Hits

Recently, there has been an announcement by Matt Cutts, Google’s spokesperson in a panel conference at South by Southwest entitled, “Dear Google and Blog: Help me Rank Better.” Cutt’s broke his silence regarding Google’s intent of giving penalty to websites and those people who abuse and over use SEO.  Whether it is going to happen or implemented or perhaps already happening, there are certain things or changes that we could and should make before this so-called, “over-SEO” penalty hits your website.

Authentic Website Title

Choose a title that sounds good and real. Authentic title means you wrote it without intention to rank high in search engines. An instance of a bad title, “website design services”. Does it sound good? Unfortunately, it doesn’t and it is quite obvious that your mere intention is to rank high. A title that is authentic, “Sydney’s best web design providers” sounds far better than the former.

Controlling inside links

Overuse of links and linking in the same page like one anchor text in the content, then the same anchor can be seen in the side bar and another in the footer is certainly not beneficial. Too much links in a similar page serves no value for the excess links, as a SEO rule. Hence, when there is deliberate use of links, the website may appear like a spam or scrap non-sense and dubious for anyone who browses it.

Footers filled with links

Crowding the footers with links is another practice by many SEO webmasters. They attempt to place as many footer links as possible even when no one would really click those links. Make sure to put those links in the right place and at the same time make use of anchor texts, which are useful and relevant.

Non-sense blocks of word content

There are web pages that in the first few paragraphs of the content, it seems sensible, relevant and of good quality. One may consider it as useful, but when you keep on reading through the middle of the content, there exists a block of non-sense wordings as well as irrelevant keywords. Will it help you to rank and get rates? No, actually. Instead of driving readers to come back and follow your pages, it will lead them to flag your pages negatively.

Over back linking

Make use of back links wisely. When someone asks for interlinking, do not agree right away. It may lead you of manipulating the engines. Perhaps, it is better when you exert your efforts in participating to forums or leave relevant and sensible comments to other pages.

Long list of identical pages

Creating many pages of similar keywords and contents with the same target also looks a spam page and a real crop.  For example, pre-owned autos Sydney, used autos Sydney, used cars Sydney. They are identical, right? Avoid this type of identical keywords instead keep it in a single page like Pre-owned and used cars Sydney, appears better and not over SEO.

Many SEO webmasters practice these kind of stuff and it is best when you have to be cautions and prepared when Google starts hitting the over SEO penalty.

The article based on a post by randfish of SEOmoz for Whiteboard Friday

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PostHeaderIcon Useful SEO Tool

I have been weighing my options, of which SEO tool should I pay or subscribe so I can get more accurate and deeper information results of a website. My 2 favourite tools are WebCEO and Advanced Web Ranking. I have installed both in my computer and have been trying them out. WebCEO has a nice Free version where most of the functionality are available to use but with limited amount of variables (backlinks, index pages etc). It’s the one I really prefer amongst the 2. AWR is also good, but there is only a 30 day trial of any of the 3 plans. It is more flexible and has a little more features than WebCEO. I just don’t like its interface, its not as neat as WebCEO. Prices for both are very similar, within the $99-$399 range.

Then one time I came across SEOMoz’s website and started using all the online SEO tools they have. I am surprised how good those tools are, especially the new one that they have called OpenSiteExplorer. So without hesitation I have subcribed at once to the Pro account which cost me $79.00/month. So far so good I am ripping the benefits of the Pro account, it allows me to analyze in more detail and depth my client’s sites and their competitions sites. It let me see the factors I couldn’t see before using those first 2 tools I have mentioned and using the manual way (ex: in google and others). I am still in the middle of exploring  every feature of the SEOMoz Pro tool and so far everything is looking great and my investment is well worth. I will probably still get either WebCEO or AWR to complement this and to give me all the information I need in ranking my client’s sites and outranking their competitions. I recommend this tool to all SEO Professionals out there who want’s to be ahead in the SEO Industry. But remember, these tools are only complementary, you still need to come up with an SEO strategy after analyzing all the data you’ve got from these tools.

Note: Right now I am doing an experiment if this vacation rental landing page will get index really quick

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PostHeaderIcon Duplicate content websites banned from Google

Just as predicted, the new Google algorithm is stricter with duplicate contents to preserve the quality of information being published in the Internet. The latest move done by Google  is banning those network of sites with duplicate contents, an example of that are hundreds of WordPress based websites that shows the same content and posts. How do they do it? When a webmaster updates one of his site, the rest of his network websites grabs the latest post from the database and published them as normal posts. This saves time for webmasters to create their own army of websites, because the update is almost instant and wallla! 2 seconds later, all hundreds of sites have new contents, but they are all the same, duplicated. A lot of people hates reading the same information over and over again and Google knows that.

The only motivation why these webmasters do this is to make money. Make money by selling blogposts and links to newbies. These newbies are those who are beginners with SEO and webmasters with no clues. Believe me there are so many of them out there and they are not getting what their money is worth. So as much as you can, avoid duplicate contents in your websites, do not purchase links from these duplicated sites and to be safe, do not purchase links at all. Build your links naturally and be patient. You will rip the fruits of your labour when the right time comes.

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PostHeaderIcon Content is King

Content is King” is the most commonly used phrase by SEO Professionals and SEO Companies. This is what we always tell our clients when they are working on their websites; make sure your contents are high quality and unique. In able for your website to rank high on Google you need to focus first in your site’s content. Google feeds on unique quality contents and unique content gives your website a high score in the Google algorithm. Therefore it reflects to your SERP greatly in a very good way, meaning you will get high rankings for your niche and for your desired keywords.

Google gives a lot of importance to website contents; this is the main reason why people visit a website, to read something new and interesting information, not something that they have seen or read before. There are a lot of websites out there who are using or republishing contents from other website source, this degrades the quality of information on the web. Imagine if you searched for “electric toothbrush” (this is the first thing that came to my head while I am writing this post) and then you will see the first group of search results telling you the same thing over and over again, say for example all the website contents states “how an electric toothbrush work”, it just make your internet experience really boring and annoying.

That is why when you are starting a new website or working on your existing site, make sure you give high regards to your website’s content. Make sure your contents are unique and have really good high quality information. By doing this not only you will attract a lot of visitors/traffic but you will also attract the most important entity of the Internet; Google!

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