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PostHeaderIcon After the rain – The Google Caffeine effect

Now that Google Caffeine has finally rolled out (new algorithm & new interface) webmasters and seo professionals around the world have mixed feelings about the new Google. Some doesn’t like it because they have lost a lot of traffic, some are rejoicing because they have gained more traffic and some just doesn’t care at all, they are just trying to get used to the new interface ( I have blogged about it here)

But overall it is not really that bad. Why? Because webmasters, online business owners with legitimate websites, that have performed ethical SEO have been rewarded for their hard works and efforts. That’s where the saying “make a website for users not for search engine” applies. Based on my observation, Google have taken out a lot of value to backlinks that were acheived unethically (hello cheap/free blog comments). They have also penalized websites that were made for ranking manipulation, specially those with duplicate contents or worse, those who belong to the duplicate content autoblog networks.

So, if your experience with the latest Google Caffeine update is not a very pleasant one, dont blame Google… Re-think your strategy, maybe the fault is in you. Another reason might be that your competitions have done a tremendous ethical link building campaign and you’ve got left behind. Always remember to do the right thing and patience is a virtue. You cant get stable ranking overnight, it takes a lot of time, effort, proper planning and execution. Google Caffeine is now watching.. Good luck!


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