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PostHeaderIcon 21st Google Panda Update: Confirmed!

SEO watchers must look out. The 21st Google Panda update has just been confirmed released last November 6. This is Google’s way of standing up to the promised release schedule every four to six weeks since February 24, 2011.

This is bad news for websites that did not make any tweaks in their poor content. Those that have not been hit by the previous updates might just be on target and could be penalized for not improving what they offer in order to climb their way to Google top search results.

According to Google, the latest update could impact 0.4% of international queries. Since users mostly use English as the primary language for utilizing the search engine, the impact on the United States could be higher in percentage at about 1.1%.

Some Google Panda updates were announced and occurred before the public eye. Some, however, like the latest one, has been confirmed only after it was done. This should keep web developers and designers at their feet always. They should keep watch not just for the updates but also more importantly for the guidelines that will help maintain their site within the “safe” list.

As it is, Google is continuously tidying up. It’s a great reason for site owners to make the necessary adjustments as well. The best and only way to safeguard your site against being penalized is to keep it within the boundaries of the common guidelines on quality content and positive SEO. If you have not looked through your site, do it now. As mentioned earlier, if you have not been hit by the previous updates, including this latest one, you will have a slimmer chance to be safe on the next roll out.

If you can’t handle your SEO problems on your own, you better make an investment on a good Search company or SEO consultant that could do so, now! It will be a good investment considering that, if you choose an SEO company right, it could give you a lot of benefits in return. If you don’t act now, you might have to go through the agony of not just saying goodbye to potential earnings through your online business but also getting punished for poor site content.

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