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PostHeaderIcon Important Online Marketing Strategies

A lot of online businessmen in Australia are incorporating some of the latest online marketing strategies into their business. This is why there is a lot of competition when it comes to online business in Australia. If you are intending to join the large number of people conducting online businesses in Australia, you need to keep up with the competition. This means getting high quality website development, making sure you have a SEO friendly website, utilizing wordpress developer features and most importantly making sure you have responsive web design. However, these are not the only things that will keep you ahead of your competition. Lately, there are certain things that have been helping more companies get ahead of their competition in online marketing.

Digital Logo Designs

Digital logo designs have been getting a lot of attention and they have been featured repeatedly in recent online marketing news. Marketing goes beyond your responsive web design and your logo. You need to pay attention to what people like in the current times and make your business align with that. Currently, most people are so much into social media and more people are going digital. This is something a lot of big companies have started taking advantage of. Digital logos are minimal and appear flat but they have a great appearance in fat screens and they have great presence. A perfect example is Instagram. They changed all their app logos to flatter digital logos and this has really paid off. It looks better and most importantly; it has given them even more online presence.

Australian Marketing Events

If you are running an online business in Australia, one thing you need to do is take advantage of all the Australian Marketing Events. There are different topics that get discussed in these events that are very useful in making your website have more online presence. For instance, one the 21st of October there will be a workshop on social media applications. Here you will get to learn all you need to know about social media and how to make social media work for your business. The Australian Marketing Institute organizes many of these events. If you have never attended any of these events, it is a great idea to make time. It will be truly worth your time and you will notice a lot of positive changes in your business when you do so.

Online Reviews

The most common advice given to people who want to have SEO friendly websites is to have keyword optimization. Key word optimization is very important in SEO. However, this is not the only thing that can get you highly ranked on search engines. One way to get your website generating traffic and highly ranked is to accumulate positive online reviews. Research has shown that about 90% of customers will by products after reading positive reviews. It is therefore very important to rely on review sites such as: Yelp, Amazon, Angie’s List and Trustpilot to get your positive product reviews. You will be amazed at how much your business will improve.


In conclusion, these are very useful ideas on website development that will not only help you have SEO friendly website but will also generate a lot of traffic to your website making it possible for you to make lots of profit.

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PostHeaderIcon Tips to Make SEO Friendly WordPress

WordPress development has over the years built a name for itself. Many who want to build sites use the WordPress CMS as it is faster and easier. However, you probably by now have heard many say that WordPress development is not so SEO friendly out of the box. And given the fact that you would like your page to be ranked top, you will have to make many of the tweaks in WordPress yourself if you ever want to be at the top of Google’s search page. While having to play around with the WordPress CMS during WordPress development may come as a bad news for many, there is some good news – you do not have to be an SEO specialist to improve your WordPress site ranking.

wordpress-seoGoogle some time back confirmed officially that the loading speed of your site contributes to the ranking that you get. Yes you may strive to have as many backlinks as possible and the best site content, but if your page loads like at the speed as that of a slug, the Google will not give you a good ranking. In addition, the slow speed of your site will drive away visitors. And given that Google also considers the experience metrics of the users based on the page views, repeat visitors and the dwell time, you will obviously get a low raking. It helps to have a fast loading site. In wordpress, you can increase the speed by making use of plugins made available such as W3 total cache and WP Smush It.

Not adding to the images keyword rich elements is one grave mistake that most WordPress users make. You should know that search engines, Google inclusive, have no way of seeing the image that you have up on your site. As such, they rely on the alt text attribute to know what the image is on as well as have an idea of what your site is all about. Therefore, adding the alt text on each image that you have up will help you generate some traffic from the Google images. And the best part about it is the fact that adding the alt text to the image is a walk in the park. All you have to do is add the Alt text. A single word will suffice.

Last but not least, add to the site Google authorship. The search engine is by the day paying more and more attention to the people who are behind the content. There is also a lot of fuss about Author rank and the person doing the writing. It is anticipated that in the very near future this will be an important factor when it comes to the Google ranking.

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PostHeaderIcon Google Update: A Web Designer Coming Soon!

google-webdesignerA development tool featuring HTML5, Google Web Designer, will be launched by Google in the near future. It is said to be of great use for “creative professionals.” It is expected that the Google will be launching this new feature in the coming months. The company also mentioned that this latest feature would allow creative professionals to produce engaging web content like sites and high-tech advertising and applications all for free.

This morning, Google shared the information about its new idea using a side note in one of its blog entries about its advertising platform, DoubleClick. To gather further information about Google Web Designer, we tried our best to approach and get more details from a spokesperson of Google. The spokesperson mentioned that Google Web Designer would be a separate product that will have creative designers and digital agencies as its target market.

In addition, Google Web Designer is said to be combined with other earlier tools of Google such as DoubleClick Studio and AdMob, though the description provided previously does not give people much to ponder upon. Undoubtedly, the company is trying to approach the ads market considered to be “native” which will absolutely give a bigger sense to the Web Designer’s connection to DoubleClick. On the other hand, it seems like Google Web Designer will have bigger capabilities and more features and will not only be useful in the field of advertising regardless of the fact that the company mentioned that this tool is going to focus mainly on creative advertising.

As of now, Google Sites is Google’s only tool for basic website creation which also lets you use pre-made templates. Google Sites has existed for years now but garnered minimal feedback and updates and barely made a noise in the industry. Probably, Web Designer will serve as a more advanced substitute for it. But to make things clearer, this new tool is not to function to be a website-building venue but it is not impossible for Google to use this tool’s features in its other applications, too.

It is, indeed, fascinating to witness how this new tool will compete with others such as Squarespace Weebly and Wix’s HTML5 website builder. The standard for native ad formats has gone up to the level of New York Time’s Snow Fall so Google really has to level up if it really aims to make it more convenient for marketers to produce these types of experiences.

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PostHeaderIcon Google Penguin 4.0 Update Rollout

google-penguin-4Google has just released its new Penguin update – and it has been live since the 22nd of May 2013. However, this spam-fighter that is Penguin 4 comes with a very interesting twist. Google also puts in its Penguin 2.0 and they saw that this technology would definitely get rid of spam – for good.

This amazing news was announced by Matt Cutts just this week in a Youtube video (Google Episode 199). He even added an earlier clip of him talking about this update and that it is being worked on in the coming hours. Matt Cutts, for those living under the rock, is the head of the spam team in Google.

He also addressed all SEOs and webmasters in this video. For one, Cutts said that they should expect a lot of changes – major ones – to search results. He also said, very specifically, that the update would definitely and noticeably impact all the English queries by at least 2.3%.

Besides talking about the actual update and its effects on the video, he also posted so much more on his blog. One of the explanations he gave is regarding its effect on foreign languages (non-English). The scope, he said, of Penguin will differ per language. Those with more ‘webspam’ will naturally be affected even greatly.

Just so everyone knows and understands how it all began and happened, here are the different releases of Penguin in chronological order.

The first Penguin was released on the 24th of April in 2012. It impacted ~3.1% of the queries. The second one was on the 26th of May in the same year, affecting less than 0.1%. Penguin 3 was made available on the same year, October the 5th. This had an impact on ~0.3% queries.

It is quite unfortunate that the second and third releases only showed very minor changes from the first. It actually followed its predecessor’s algorithm. Finally, the newest update that is Penguin 4 was released just this year, May 22nd. And, as mentioned earlier, with Penguin 2.0 installed internally, this is a huge change with a great effect.

It is very important to understand all these since the update goes even deeper than the former updates. So many webmasters and SEOs will be affected by this. If you need to know more about this new Penguin update, check out the video of Matt Cutts. He also adds that if you are confused about something or just want to provide comments and feedback, you can do so on the Google Spam Report.

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PostHeaderIcon How SEO Works on a Press Release

Ted Ives, who put up FindHow, shared some important tips on how you can make your press release enjoy maximum exposure by simply seeing to it that it is written, issued, and forced into the world wide of web right.

Jseo-press-releaseust to give you an idea, FindHow is a website of how-tos. When Ives launched it, he also released PRs along with it. In five months, the website enjoyed 18,000 links, which was greatly improved by the mentions of prominent media entities.

Now, Ives believed that he did no simple magic to achieve what he had. The good news is, he is willing to share the big tips that were followed for the public relations efforts. They are listed below, so read on.

Tip #1: Read “Positioning: The Battle of the Mind”. There were several mentions of this book by Ries & Trout in Ives’ account. That’s because he was able to pick a lot of good ideas about positioning yourself in a competitive market from it. Before we delve deeper into the other tips, you might want to use this as your guidebook. You may download it straight from Kindle.

Tip #2: Don’t make a solo flight to the spotlight. When we do public relations, the common practice is to talk about the service, product, or business that you have. You are promoting your own, after all. However, it is considered much more effective to talk about the category that what you have to offer is in and make it appear that a trend is going on and you are right there at the forefront.

Tip #3: Be the “first”. Sure, this highly competitive Internet market has it all. It is pretty difficult to position yourself as “first” when everyone else had a head start in the category you are competing in. However, if you look deeper, if you think harder, you will definitely find a way to position yourself as the “first”. FindHow, for example, is not the first search engine. If Ives and his team just followed normal course, it will serve as simply an alternative to Google and Yahoo and all the other search engines that came before it. However, Ives did something big to earn the “first” spot. Instead of simply offering a website directory, it appeared as a how-to directory where people can look for how-tos of everything.

Tip #4: Understand what a press release is. How can you write something properly when you are not aware of what it actually is or what it should be? Basically, a press release is a company’s write-up about something newsworthy related to the services or goods they offer. Prior to the Internet boom, PRs were distributed to news agencies and organizations. Now, however, the distribution is made even a lot easier. You can just send your write-up via email to online news agencies and organizations so it gets published as extensively as possible to reach a wider audience.

Tip #5: Choose the right news wire service. There are wire services where you can release your PR for a fee. The top ranks include PRNewswire, Marketwire, PRWeb, and Businesswire. The key in choosing which wire service to choose is to understand what it takes to help boost your efforts. News wire services do not make the same offers, as they also do not command the same rates. Make sure that you choose a service that will give fair value to what you have to spend.

Write and Release

Public relations efforts are all about writing a press release and propagating it in order to reach your target market. When you write a press release, keep in mind the important rules: be concise, be interesting, and be credible. Those are also the same rules you must follow if you want to make SEO work for your press release and for your company in general.


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